R & D Center
As an expert team in brand image and product design and development in the business wear industry, Nanshan Business Wear Research and Development Center has been committed to providing customers with an overall solution to the image design of the business clothing.
Nanshan Zhishang Business Wear Research and Development Center abandons the product development ideas designed for design in the past. Under the guidance of the overall dress image demand, it starts from the actual needs of customers, combines with the trend of the dress image of the industry, and makes scientific analysis so that the design can be accurately targeted. Over the years, through the high-quality product design and development concept, the Center has become one of  primary business wear enterprises for many government agencies, finance, aviation, subway, communication, power grid, tobacco and other fields.
Nanshan Zhishang Business Wear Research and Development Center takesSOH•STEPHANE as its chief design, leads nearly 50 experienced, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated design and technical teams, guides the market, grasps the trend, and creates unlimited possibilities for customers to brand and market.