Brand Introduction
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Brand Introduction
Brighton Men's Wear is a fashion brand which provides new gentleman's wear solutions for modern men. Brighton advocates bringing the new dress style of "formal leisure, free collocation" and the brand spirit of "fashionable business, fashionable life" to every urban elite. As the mainstream fashion men's wear brand of Nanshan Zhishan, which serves the public, Brighton is very attractive once it comes out.
Brighton commodity details are divided into "fashion", "elegance" and "classic" three style series, which are used to meet the needs of different age groups. At the same time, the brand pays attention to design, emphasizes details, and pursues quality, and thus gradually becomes the favorite of those who pursue the new gentleman's dress style.
Brighton's avant-garde lifestyle advocates lead Chinese men's wear into a new watershed, injecting new blood and vitality into the current Chinese business men's wear. In order to achieve this fashionable dress experience, Brighton design team divides the product into three series: business, fashion and vacation according to the different work and life scenes of consumers, providing men who love life with a variety of dress solutions.