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International Wool Secretariat Leader Presented Nanshan Zhishang to Guide and Train

2019/4/9 15:21:52
From Apr. 09 to Apr. 14, the after treatment expert of International Wool Secretariat (IWS) -Doctor Alan Dubs presented Nanshan Zhishan to train the staffs about the fabric style and after treatment knowledge of KES style testing instrument .
For these days, Doctor Alan detailedly explained the application of KES style testing instrument and the manipulation methods of fabric stretchability, tortuosity, thickness, friction coefficient and size change rate. All staffs learned and took the notes seriously and repeatedly operated to master them. With the guidance of Doctor Alan, the staffs not only could manipulate the instruments but also conduct the evaluation about fabric by importing the data to lay a good foundation about delivering the data guidance to the style of worsted fabric.
It is reported that Doctor Alan has conducted the researches on fabric after treatment in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization for 33 years and then in IWS for 14 years. Now, he takes the guest professor in Yantai Nanshan University. For the aspect of after treatment, Doctor Alan presses ahead the deep researches as well as delivered a lot of related textbooks.