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Accompanying by Craftsman Spirit - Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Career Suits Brand DELLMA Won “China Famous Brand”

2019/4/9 15:22:31
Recently, Chinese career suits leading brand – DELLMA of Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. was officially authenticated as “famous trademark” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. It is the second Chinese famous trademark in Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. and becomes the best footnote for enhancing the quality management and forging the first-rate brand since the establishment of Nanshan Zhishang. 
Why could DELLMA become the China Famous Brand? It could not be separated from the its international quality, craftsman spirit, consumer perception, market layout, brand strategy and local brand atmosphere which is a long-term systemic project. 
International Standards   Craftsman Spirit
DELLMA, established in 1996, makes it mission to forge the totally new standards for career suits and adheres to quality innovation. Because the staffs of DELLMA know that the quality is the basement of the brand. This authentication of “Famous Brand” is the results of their strict requirements on quality and seeking breakthroughs for technological innovations.
For acquiring the authentication of China Famous Brand, the president of Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. –Zhao Liang said, “over the years, Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. keeps to channel great efforts to the career suits and successively co-launched the BIFT-Nanshan Career Suits Research Institute and Wool Manufacturing Research Institute to realize the integrated industry-university-research cooperation innovation model. It established the product quality management and control system and successively passed the ISO9001International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 Professional Safety and Health Management System Certification and CSC9000T Social Responsibility Management System Certification. At the same time, it is also the first batch enterprises winning the aptitude “Japanese Industry Self-regulation Standards, Namely the White-List Management System Seminar Held”. We runs the craftsman spirit to the whole process of the enterprise operation and development.
Forging China Famous Brand and even casting the century brand could not be separated from the innovation spirit, Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. is always committed to the technological innovation of career suits products and won more than 200 national, provincial and municipal honors, including 17 national patents, provincial technological promotion award, first prize of the 23rd National Management Innovation Achievements. At the same time, it also co-launched the WDC Wool Innovation Center with International Wool Secretariat which is committed to research and develop the wool fabric fiber and functional fabric and gained multiple achievements. Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. takes the international quality standards and Chinese most advanced R&D ability as development base and DELLMA deserves for the “China Famous Brand” for sticking to innovation.
High-end Navigation, Grand Layout 
As the leader of Chinese high-end career suits, DELLMA has ever finished the State Leaders’ Dressing “New Chinese Clothing” of APEC Conference project, London Olympic Officers and Judges’ Dressing project, State Golf Team Marching Rio Olympics project and so forth, establishing authority and high-end industrial position and social influence.  
According to the introduction of Sun Zhenke, general manager of Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd.: at present, DELLMA has become the market layout covering 28 provinces, municipalities and municipalities directly under the central government and its products are involved into aviation, finance, energy, power, education, public security, prosecution, court and state security systems and so forth. It is the leading brand of Chinese career suits as well as the participant of the design and manufacture of 2017 new style city inspectors’ uniform. 
Original deputy secretary and provincial governor of Shandong Province, Guo Shuqing delivered the speech themed “Greatly implementing brand powerful province strategy and co-building bright future for Shandong” and stressed that during the brand construction process, the company shall always focus on consumers, respect consumers and respect the consumers. DELLMA could realize the Chinese deep layout and full field recognition which demonstrates its revered attitude to consumers. 
Brand Strategy and Driving Future
The 2016 list of “Top 500 Chinese Brand Affecting the World” was published in New York, USA which are co-selected by US-China Economic Trade & Investment General Chamber of Commerce (USCGC), World Brand Organization (WBO), WWRA and EAAIU and Nanshan Group was on the list. This list was selected in line with 18 indicators in 9 aspects including asset size, profit and tax total amount, market share, operation efficiency, technological innovation, management innovation, social responsibility, internalization, informalization and so forth. The selected brands would attract wide attention of the global Chinese consumption group as well as the first-choice brands of the global Chinese consumers.
Shandong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. stresses on the forging of brand strategy as well as tries to realize the best in all levels which also bring the DELLMA brand awareness to some extent. The original deputy secretary and provincial governor of Shandong Province, Guo Shuqing said, “it is necessary to enhance the crisis awareness, transfer development idea, positively cater to the economic development new normal as well as shall take the brand construction as the significant measure for pushing forward the supply side structural reform, deeply implement the brand powerful province strategy and constantly cultivate and expand the market competitive advantages of the industrial products”.
As for the enterprises, the trademark especially the Chinese Famous Brans is the intangible asset of the enterprises, the symbol of enterprise comprehensive strength as well as the recognition of consumers. Shandong province channels all efforts to carry out the quality powerful province and brand powerful province strategy so as to navigate the Shandong economic development in China and even the world. The brands which are represented by DELLMA will also bring this spirit to China and even the whole world.